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Now that you have been shortlisted we encourage you to prepare for the possibility of an interview. Something to keep in mind is the importance of first impressions; job offers often go to candidates who sell themselves best, intimidate least and listen most. We recommend that you follow this process to ensure optimum interviewing results.


Follow These Tips to Help Secure Your Next Role

Review the Recruitment Webpage Before your interview study the companies web page  so you know as much about their business as possible.  The first question many HR consultants ask is “tell me what you know about our business”
Understand your Strengths Understand how your strengths best suit the vacancy. What will you bring to the position, team and company? Know how your strengths specifically address the duties and desired attributes of the role.
Consider your Experience Consider your past experiences and how they apply to the role. Having examples of how you handled similar situations
What do you want? Even if you’re not sure what your ideal role is or where exactly you want to be in 5 years time, having an answer prepared for these types of questions reflects ambition and long-term planning.
Question the Interviewer Questions are a great way of showing you have considered the role and are interested in pursuing it further. Be sure to have a few questions regarding the role. But remember, this is also your opportunity to learn about the company and how it fits you and your needs!







Voicemail message Be sure to have a work-appropriate message in your voicemail, in case you miss a phone call from a potential employer.
Eliminate distractions           Remember to minimize all potential distractions (for you and the interviewer) with simple steps such as turning off your mobile and music.




Smile Even for a phone interview! Being positive will help relax you and the interviewer, and goes a long way to presenting the best you have to offer.
Just answer the question When answering a question, stay on track with your response rather than going off on tangents or bringing up irrelevant stories.
Keep negatives to yourself Even if you have had the worst boss in the past, avoid discussing strong negative opinions regarding previous workplaces during your interview.
Be well presented For a face-to-face interview, your appearance matters: aim for clean and tidy clothes that are appropriate for the workplace.
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